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The Boot Camp
Succeeding Together.

In GTF's group training sessions, participants enjoy a metabolism boosting, heart pumping, and muscle building workout sure to enhance everyone's exercise routine. Through years of experience, we have learned that group training classes are an invaluable fitness tool. Group classes foster accountability, lend variation to daily workout programs, and, best of all, they are fun and inspiring. At the core of GTF's group training is the GTF Boot Camp. It is dynamic, original, and designed to get you in shape FAST! Be a participant in the GTF Boot Camp through our new iPhone application or in person and feel better than you've ever felt!

The Boot Camp

The Boot Camp is GTF's most popular form of group training. It is an energizing exercise class incorporating a mix of plyometrics, cardio, agility drills, overall muscle toning and the Ab-Lab. GTF Boot Camps take place both indoors and outdoors on a weekly basis. Also, as long as you can guarantee a total of six participants, you have the opportunity to schedule your own GTF Boot Camp anytime and anywhere you desire. Building your own GTF Boot Camp is especially popular for Corporate Boot Camps and Bridal Boot Camps. You can come to us or we can bring the GTF Boot Camp to you. It's that simple.

NEW!! The GTF Boot Camp can now be found on your iPhone! You can enjoy all the benefits of our metabolism boosting, heart pumping, and muscle building workout straight out of your pocket. We've assembled some of our favorite GTF Boot Camp programs and put them in an iPhone application so you can have easy access to our motivating and results-focused GTF Boot Camp workouts anytime.

Ian Gaines Bootcamp Workout iPhone App


“Ian Gaines brings out the passion and fire in the hearts of athletes. He embraces your dreams on a personal level and challenges you physically, mentally, and spiritually to bring you closer to your goals.”

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