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"Ian's work ethic is contagious and the results are addictive. Ian's training program is the most exciting, dynamic, and effective way to step up and take it to the next level."
— #86, Wide Receiver ALL IVY LEAGUE Honorable mention

"I have yet to encounter any training that is as effective, motivating, or applicable as Ian Gaines'. From strength training to watching film to leadership skills, he is simply the best at his job. There is no comparison."
— #91 Jeff Smith, Defensive End

"Training with Ian was an unbelievable experience! He pushed my training to a new level and got me to train harder than I ever had before, all the while making it fun and entertaining. He is definitely one of the best trainers I have ever worked out with."
— #72, Defensive Lineman

"Gaines... that CAN'T be his last name! That's like Usain Bolt, the fastest man alive, with the last name "Bolt." Ian Gaines was born to be a trainer. I went from bench warmer to leading tackler on my college football team in one season and I have Gaines to blame for that. His workouts really gave me the confidence that I could accomplish ANYTHING."
— #37, Outside Linebacker

"Ian's workouts are taylored to the specific needs of each athlete he trains. If your desire matches his ability you will have massive results."
— NCAA Track and Field Thrower - Discus and Hammer

"Ian Gaines brings out the passion and fire in the hearts of athletes. He embraces your dreams on a personal level and challenges you physically, mentally, and spiritually to bring you closer to your goals. His determination, sincerity, and abilities are unparalleled. You haven't really "trained" for success without training with Ian Gaines."
— #55, Rush End

"I joined GTF to get into bikini shape and lose that final stubborn 10 pounds. By following Gaines' workouts and meal suggestions, I not only lost the weight, but Gaines took me down over 3.0% body fat and 2 sizes in a couple months! The workouts are tailored specifically to my body and my needs, and I am thrilled by the results!"
— Christie Jones

"Four years after having twins, I found myself overweight and out of energy. I began personal training with GTF, and although the workouts were challenging, I saw results incredibly fast. Not only do I have more energy to chase my kids around these days, but GTF's workouts have also helped me lose 70 pounds! Personal training with GTF is one of the best decisions I've ever made and I'll never train with anyone else."
— Stephanie Rodriguez