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Sports Specific Training

Sports Specific Training

Sports Specific Training is the hallmark of GTF. Our roots are based in athletics and we are passionate about optimizing our athletes' potential, and also developing athletes from the ground up. We focus on the fundamental principles that make each athlete great: strength, speed, explosive power, balance, and agility. We understand that each sport demands a delicate combination of the above principles; therefore, we train our athletes according to the specific requirements of their sport.

GTF trains professional athletes seeking to perfect their game, college athletes trying to stand out and take their game to the next level, and high school and junior high students trying to achieve peak performance in their competitive or recreational sport of choice. The common denominator in all of our sport specific training is hard work. Our programs are designed to be intense, fast-paced, cutting edge, and motivating. Further, we strive to help build athletes who are inspired, physically well-rounded, mentally confident, and conduct themselves with sportsmanship and integrity.

GTF's sports-specific training division is headlined by Gaines, himself. Gaines is a former NCAA Division I athlete at Vanderbilt University where he was named top football athlete in 2003 and still holds numerous strength and conditioning records. In addition, Gaines has trained a variety of athletes from various levels of play including: NCAA Division I, II & III, AAA Hockey, NFL, NBA, and USA Track & Field. Most recently, Gaines was hired by Dartmouth College to be a strength and conditioning consultant for their Ivy League football team. Gaines is nationally recognized for his ability to produce high-performing, well-conditioned, supreme athletes. Gaines specializes in:
Strength Training and Conditioning
Advanced Biomechanical Training Techniques
Sports Injury Prevention/Rehabilitation
Altering Body Composition
Techniques for College Recruitment and NFL Combine Performance

GTF invites individuals, groups and teams to take part in our sport-specific training. We also welcome inquiries from coaches and trainers interested in on-site training programs and seminars.

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“Ian Gaines brings out the passion and fire in the hearts of athletes. He embraces your dreams on a personal level and challenges you physically, mentally, and spiritually to bring you closer to your goals.”

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