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Personal Training
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Personal Training

At this point in the game, most of us have had a personal trainer. Unfortunately, most of us were also not completely satisfied with the outcome. However, with GTF, being dissatisfied is a thing of the past. We are personally invested in your quest for improved fitness and we take our commitment to you seriously. We hold our clients accountable for the goals they set forth in their initial assessment, and our enthusiasm to see you make progress is unparalleled.

Most importantly, the personal trainers at GTF are career trainers. They are professionals who are not only highly certified, but also see fitness as a state of mind and a way of life. GTF trainers want to bring the most innovative exercises to you. This is why we are constantly seeking out opportunities for continuing education that will allow us to keep our training programs varied and effective.

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“I have yet to encounter any training that is as effective, motivating, or applicable as Ian Gaines’. From strength training to watching film to leadership skills, he is simply the best at his job. There is no comparison.”

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