More information, straight from Beverly International:

Do you want the best supplement you can take to retain lean muscle mass while you are on a fat loss exercise and nutrition plan? Then allow us to introduce you to Muscularity.

WHAT: Muscularity is an advanced BCAA formulation in capsule form. It also contains chromium picolinate, zinc picolinate, and vitamin B-6 to further enhance uptake.

WHO: If you're working out hard to reduce body fat and gain lean muscle tissue then Muscularity is for you.

WHY: Research shows that the BCAAs, leucine, isoleucine, and valine, not only play a huge role in muscle maintenance and growth, but they may increase the amount of fat you'll lose. The BCAAs have also been shown to lower cortisol levels.

HOW: At Beverly we recommend the following protocol for using Muscularity BCAA's:

Take 2-4 Muscularity capsules with each meal once your daily calorie intake is below maintenance. A good rule of thumb is to add Muscularity to your supplement regimen when daily calories fall below 12 calories per pound of bodyweight for females and 15 for males.
If your Weight is:
100 - 150 lbs
2 Capsules per meal
150 - 200 lbs
3 Capsules per meal
200 lbs +
4 Capsules per meal

Ironclad Guarantee: As potent as Muscularity is, we aren't going to hype it up by promising you instant dramatic gains - but we will guarantee you this: take it on a regular basis and you will see definite, unquestionable increases in your muscularity over time. If you're looking for a formula that will match your commitment to being your best, try Muscularity. We guarantee great results!

Supplement Facts

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, cellulose, magnesium stearate.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. Get the approval of your medical doctor before using if you have a medical condition or a medical history, if you are unaware of your current health status, or if you are pregnant, nursing or trying to become pregnant.